so we haven’t posted a release in reaaaally long time

many apologies for the wait

unfortunately, we’ve hit exam season so it’s going to be a couple of weeks before we get going again

next release will be before the end of may

please stay tuned!

We’re looking for translators, cleaners, editors and quality checkers for Promise and┬áJunai Tokkou Taichou!

– And potentially some other new projects (requests are welcome)

So please contact us if you’re interested: hamhamscans@gmail.com


Hi guys,

Here’s volume 2 chapter 7

Thanks again to the looovely people at Mangafake (http://mangafake-scantrad.blogspot.fr/) for doing a wonderful job of editing!

Just a small note, we’re going to start putting the releases on the forum again- re-establishing the 3 day rule because somebody is being a dick and posting up new chapters within hours of release. It’ll be easier to see who’s leaking since only a small portion of readers are members of the forum, and have access to the releases section.

Enjoy, and see you soon!


Hey guys,

Here’s the last part of Volume 2 Chapter 4 (part c):


And here are the three parts put together into one file:


School X Fight Volume 2 Chapter 7 has been edited, and is just being QCed- so should be out tomorrow! :)

Coming soon!

Translation part’s done and dusted, and just the editing to go!

Apologies for the massive wait- rest of that Promise chapter coming soon!

yikes it’s been over half a year since the last release…

many apologies

here’s a mini release of promise- more to come.



ahhh crumbs so sorry about not posting, i’ve been drowning under coursework. christmas hols start next week so a good batch of chapters to come!


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